A feature documentary shot on 16mm film, 70 minutes, directed by Peggy Sutton, USA


Broadway meets the Heartland... is New York ready for Pittsburgh?

"SQUONKumentary" tells the story of an unlikely Broadway transplant. In January of 2000, having completed a successful three month run at New York's P.S. 122, a funky troupe of Pittsburgh musicians suddenly find themselves preparing their off-beat show for Broadway. Combining puppetry, video projections, music, dance and audience participation, "Squonk: BigSmorgasbordWunderwerk" is more akin to its downtown, thrill-ride cousins, "De La Guarda," "Blue Man Group" and "Stomp" than to its new Broadway neighbors. Despite having an uplifting musical score, the Squonkers' lush, bizarre imagery quickly collides, often humorously, with realities of the show's survival. As the story unfolds, we follow show producers, performers, their families and friends as they try a number of unusual and inspired efforts to save "Squonk."

Shot on 16mm film and peopled with quirky, lovable characters, "SQUONKumentary" chronicles a poetical, noisy creation during its final weeks of rehearsal prior to opening. It also provides a brief overview of the band's history using archival video footage and photos. Employing a dash of the show's surrealism here, zest from the creators' playfulness there, the film offers its own take on the "Squonk" aesthetic using rough-hewn, in-camera techniques such as stop-motion animation, time lapse and off-speed photography.

How does an irreverent, non-narrative production from the Midwest find itself on New York's Great White Way? How will an artist-driven show, an unconventional David, triumph amid the commercial Goliaths of Broadway? Who are the creators and performers of the show? And what planet are they from?

"SQUONKumentary" attempts to answer these and other burning questions, including the most ticklish of them all: what the heck is squonk?


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